We roll into the 21st century
Trudging over the bones of the weak
For global domination, a message to the masses
That we don't turn the other cheek
Hate and desire fuel our fire
Your weakness makes our engines burn
We won't let up with our agression
Until the masses learn

Hate train rolling on the rails of an insane world
Hate train rolling a non-stop collision undeterred
Hate train rolling leaving wreckage in our path
We're bound for glory, hate train rolling
Built to forever last

We live by our laws, die by our ideals
We're the masters of our destiny
We're on the rails of a runaway train
That won't stop until we're free
All aboard! Sound the whistle
Do you think you can pass the test?
When the heartbeat of America stops beating
And goes into cardiac arrest!

(Repeat Chorus)

Hate train rolling!
Hate train rolling!
Hate train rolling!
Hate train rolling!
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Hate Train Rolling Lyrics

Bound For Glory – Hate Train Rolling Lyrics