I'm a son of the North, the viking creed
Plunder & pillaging the seven seas
I'm a Celt, in defial
To the invasion of my Celtic isles
I'm the Teuton, the Germanic one
Uniting my tribes against the hun
I'm a vandal, a Visigoth
Giving Atilla all I've got.

It's all in the name of honor
Something many don't understand
I would choose death before dishonor
Because I am a fighting man

I'm the sacred order, in a holy fight
Protector of the grail, the Templar knight
I am a prince, forged in fire
Defending my nation from the Ottoman Empire
I am the Minute man, the patriotic creed
Fighting for freedom against tyranny
I am Hussar, I ride on a horse
Through the valley of death is my course

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm the Free Corp, my shirt is brown
Smashing the Reds in every town
I'm the Stormtrooper, a knight in black
Defender of Berlin in the final attack
I'm the new warrior, stark and mean
I stand faithful with my head shorn clean
I'm the guiding light in the final hour
Come follow me, I've got the power!

(Repeat Chorus) x2
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Fighting Man Lyrics

Bound For Glory – Fighting Man Lyrics