Thirty seconds, because I can't take another minute.
Probably a call you'll want to take.
This time I'm asking you to stay.
You won't get far when I'm the villain here.
So think, if it's all up to me
Suppose we don't get out alive, (and ahh you know)
You taught me to think twice.

Seconds, because if I spend another minute,
One final hit below the waist.
Conceived, but misdirected,
Don't ask me, I won't bring it home,
I'll just throw away the key.
So when, it's all up to you
Nothing ever goes my way, (and ahh you know)
You taught me to be brave.

What keeps me here?
I'll never know (is always wrong).
These cruel intentions have lingered on

Seconds, a minute no, an hour
Makes another day you taught me to think twice.

Oh yeah, stand out
Beneath the crowd,
Rebel and re-tell,
Relieved of trivial charade,
Don't break
My own pretend mistakes.
It's my throat, I'm choking, and I can't breathe.
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Thirty Seconds Lyrics

Bottom Line – Thirty Seconds Lyrics