There once was a girl who lived in a fairy tale
A prince came along and gave her a golden veil
He said you're a bird of painted glass
And he took her in his grasp
He brings the rain down
He took her away
Carried her off in the night
Built her a cage to keep her from taking flight
And when she tried to ask him why
Storm clouds seemed to fill his eyes
He brings the rain down
Look at us now
I've been wondering how you can live with yourself
Don't you see that your nightingale' s bleeding
She took all of your rage and she's broken the cage
And she's leaving
We're birds made out of broken glass
We glitter while the daylight lasts
He brings the rain down
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Jaswant's Rain Lyrics

Borrowers – Jaswant's Rain Lyrics

Songwriters: SINGH ADDISON
Jaswant's Rain lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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