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Dissimulation Lyrics

Born Of Osiris – Dissimulation Lyrics

The inner demons have come out to play
How long have we been wrapped in decay
It keeps us blinded
They feed upon our hate
Only one sided beware of what awaits
Drilling into your superstitions
Taking a hold of you
Driving you to the ground,
In submission
Time to give up and surrender
Release the demons lost inside of us
We need to analyze our identities
Kept not alive just undone and surprised
I can't explain your survival.
Prove your history
Self prepared but not aware
Dissimulated networks
Can't explain it all it's supernatural
Made out of every moment
Do you understand
You've been conditioned
Time to let go and surrender
I recognize the ones
Speaking against their own
Their powers are defenseless
We've been programmed.
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Songwriters: Lee McKinney, David Darocha, Ronnie Cannizaro, Cameron Losch, Joseph Buras
Dissimulation lyrics © TIGRIS MUSIC - REF, KILLPHONIC

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