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For The Wretched Lyrics

Boris The Blade – For The Wretched Lyrics

It’s happened again
Regained consciousness and find myself on the streets
I retrace footsteps
To be led to a burnt down home

It’s coming back to me, I can now hear the screams
Repeating again and again, their all begging me to stop
I have no control now
So i’m left with these blood stained hands
I wash them in seas
Forgive me please
Its not my fault

Where is this demon in me?
Or am i all alone?
How could i do such evil things?
I feel my heart turn to stone

Now these days are closer
I must return home
I can feel my self convulsing
I don’t want to be alone

Oh my god I am possessed again

I run straight for the kitchen draw
To grab my sharpest blade
This hunting game is about to begin
Run you putrid filthy fucks
As your front door is kicked in

This is not a choice this is a way of life
I spread a plague of torment to cleanse this fucking race
I’ve found a purpose here
These hands have been revealed
Now I know what I must do to rid this world of a vile existence

I’ve found a purpose here
These hands have been revealed
I spread a plague of torment
To cleanse this fucking race

That shaking earth that’s at your feet
So without any time to waste
Fall to your fucking knees

Prepare to witness something you have never seen before
Removing every piece of you starting with your teeth you whore
I’ll keep breathing until I think the time is right
When the clock strikes three o’ three i’ll end your fucking life tonight

This is not a choice, this is a way of life…
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