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Park It Lik Bih Lyrics

Boosie Badazz – Park It Lik Bih Lyrics

You in the presence of some motherfuckin’ genius
(Motherfuckin’ genius)
Watch all it, bitch
(Watch all it, bitch)
Watch out, ho
(Watch out, ho)
I’m a show ya how to do it
(I’m a show ya how to do it)

We make these other niggas park it
Park it
Oooh wheee
I come around the corner sparkling
Straight up

Man, you niggas ain’t
Shinin’ right
Y’all just talkin’
Y’all just talkin’
Your grill ain’t doin’ the Japanese, my friend
You ain’t some shit
(Nah, nigga)
You talk and hit us, my nigga
But we’re your donkey
In other countries
We then put them fuckin’ diamonds there
On monkeys
Well what you talkin’ ‘bout
You know I come from Johnny
On Facetime with Sky
The other line
I got Mezzani
I’m real and
I’m never gonna change
(And I’m never gonna change)
I’m real and
I’m stayin’ the same
(Fuck this)
Look at the bells and them chain
I deserve every chain

Real nigga
Big gold chain with the big block
(The big block)
Run up in the club
With the stick high
(Stick high)
Get in my way at the tip top
Got a real chop like soul swap
I look good wherever I go
(Whereever I go)
My [?] is up in the store
It’s seven thousand a show
That’s why I’m fuckin’ your ho

I make these other niggas park it
Park it
Park it lik bih [repeated]
I come around the corner sparkling
Ooooh, that bitch look good
Make me feel good
Park it lik bih [repeated]
I make ‘em park it
Park it
Park it lik bih [repeated]
This bitch look good
Make me feel good

I remember it was all a dream
A dream
Got me pickin’ wings
All we could afford is choppers
But we wanted bigger things
Down in South Park
Or Martin Luther King
Where the youngers sling dope
By the swings
They tryn’a be kings
The only way to do it is the queen
I’m so proud to be successful
‘Cause my momma was a fiend
(My momma)
Whoever thought that I’d be pimpin’ hoes
And sellin’ music?
I grew up around bandanas and AK’s shootin’
Still remember the first day
The twins met LaBoucie
I had a [?] that my bitch bought from James Bond movie
(I’m a [?])
Feelin’ debonair
Spinnin’ flavor everywhere
Before a nigga take my chain
I’ll see the electric chair
Bought my ice from King Johnny
Trophies of my dedication
Now they gotta watch these texters
Dialers all across the nation
I’m the reason why your wife
Parked outside my house
(I am)
I’m the reason you missin’
A couple a thousand outside your account
‘Cause she paid the kid
[?] the bitch
You was beside her
But I really made the bitch
See I was a favorite
You cannot change the shit
You cannot change a thing
Hopin’ you change a name
Hope is a really good game
Look at me change
Takin’ me outta your brain

To park it
I’ll roll the back wood and spark it
(I make these other niggas park it)
Spark it
Park it (park it)
Park it lik bih (park it)
I come around the corner sparkling
Oooh, this bitch look good
Make them feel good
Park it lik bih (park it)
I make them park it
Park it
Park it lik bih (park it)
This bitch look good
Make me feel good
Make me, make me rap good
Makin’ them rock it there, motherfucker
Park it

Dummies got between
Goddamn, look at them motherfuckers
They [?] nigga
You can’t motherfucker, Johnny
Park it lik bih, nigga
Hey, man, I got nuthin’
[?] big chains
I got the cans, man
Hey, maybe, these diamonds on me
Came all out
Pussy nigga
I’m a wussy, yeah, yeah
Far from a rookie
Hey, man, it’s cool
I used to play hookie, man
‘Cause I was never in class
I was chasin’ the cans
I never heard about a slow day
It better be the whole day
‘Cause you did what I’m sayin’?
You better be the ho
Yeah, yeah
Park it
You understand me?
Get out the motherfuckin’ heels
And get on these wheels
Ya understand me?
And park it
And park it

That motherfucker look good, too
I got fur on me, ho
That motherfucker taste good, too
Park it, bitch
Yeah, man
Cody in my cup, bitch
Park it
You ain’t talkin’ ‘bout no money, bitch
Park it, bitch
I’m gonna tell you like this, ho
When you suck this dick after you pay for it
I’m a not [?], bitch
Yeah, this a rich nigga
Dig, ho

Park it, bitch
You know what I’m talkin’ about
We ride on the motherfuckin’ highway, though
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