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Like A Man Lyrics

Boosie Badazz – Like A Man Lyrics

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan (Boosie Badazz)]
I was taught to be a man
Stand on my two feet just like a man
Take all of my loss just like a man
Nigga say it face to face just like a man
Like a man (I stand up), like a man (I man up)
Like a man (I stand up), like a man, like a man (I man up)
Like a man (I stand up), like a man (I man up)
Like a man (I stand up), like a man

[Verse 1: Boosie Badazz]
When kids was playin' with unicorns, I was washin' cars tryna blow
Take a loss, get up and shake it off, and water whip the coke
No shoo-shooin', no not Boosie, to your face I'll let you know
Treat a queen like a queen and a ho like a ho
Went to the pen and I stood on my own, too fat mouth
And slangin' shit, fist fights, bitch whatever that you want do
[?] back down
I'm beatin' your ass, no exceptions
Uncle told me "Fight 'em
You can't beat 'em, go and get your weapon"
My homies died, I stood up like a man
Do what you did to them, put that on Pimp, I don't be playin'
Bossed up, every time some problems hit the fan
Me and my girl got a case
Your honor, that's mine, give me that 8


[Verse 2: Boosie Badazz]
Since 15 been takin' care of my mama manly
Never say the word "why" when it's time to do for family
The way I was raised, my closest peers understand me
The man in my section like Glen Oaks is to Handy
You know they told me tell on Turk and Mel for lesser charges
Ask me what I want to say, I say I want to fuck your daughter
I was raised to get paid plenty ways like a man
Taught to get it out the mud cause they ain't puttin' it in your hand
Beef came, I bring pain, Lord knows I never ran
Whole code up in the street, you never see me on the stand
System tried to convict me off testimony and lyrics, but I'm a G
Came home with my chest out, and it's easy to see that


[Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan]
First and foremost, what's your definition of a man?
They call y'all lil' money, that don't make that boy no man
I be sittin' here countin' these racks all day, got it hard for me to stand
And I don't need no crutches, tell the ho bring them dutches
Hit her from the back, got the pussy screamin' like
Oooh, oooh, oooh, was a virgin 'til I got my first pussy like a man
Got locked up, was movin' too fast, won't you stick to the plan
Everything I do, boy you gotta know I do for the family
Gotta do it like a man
Mama ain't have no help growin' up so I had to step up like a man
Can't see my mama strugglin', I had to hit them streets like a man
Get caught doin' your crime, better do your time, like a man
Hundred thousand in my pants
Me and Boosie Badazz got a nigga feelin' like a man

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