[Chorus: X2]
I ain't never had no easy life
What I have become, didn't come from thinking twice,
Put That On everything (everything), everyone (everyone)
Born to feel the prophecy the sun of the seventh son...

I was born with a full tongue, Born to Spit the Wicked shit
Child circumstances made the motherfucking shit legit
Even as a little kid I knew that most would hate me
My uncle tried to kill me, that's the things that help to make me
Lost up in my mind, I never fuck with any medications
Slowly over time went from crazy into desperation
Never learned to cope with feeling Never felt a fucking thing
Never gave a fuck enough so never place no fucking blame
Haters talk about me they knew something was wrong
Starting choking out my friends and they knew that I was gone,
I was labeled as a bad seed said I need therapy
In and out of schools for drug abuses and vulgarities
Sent away so many times try to fix a broken child
He told me he's fucking sick the little bastard never smiles.
A lot of doctors teachers family members, said they all say
I wanna take the time to thank them for the man I am today.

[Chorus: X2]

When the devil came to Georgia made his 1st stop at Covington
Looked me in the eyes and told me son your the seventh one
Put ya-up in the paper, put ya blood in every fickin line,
An angel on my shoulder put my blood in every fuckin rhyme.
Been a little crazy but I got a way that I can deal
Now I got some people understandin how the fuck I feel.
Instead of choking bitches out and catchin me a murder case
I get up in the booth and let the mic take these bitches place.
Been in trials n tribulations put me in a situation
Went from sittin in the back to preachin to the congregation.
Many tried to douse the flame throw some Sodom in my game
Stab me in my fuckin back n I aint gotta say no names.
Came from rehabilitation runnin streets to pocket change
Now I hit the road in busses people screamin out my name.
I aint think I make it thought that adolescence was they in.
But I'm just getting started let the age of the crow begin

[Chorus: X2]

I ain't never had no easy life. Everything, Everyone.
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Untold/Unwritten Lyrics

Boondox – Untold/Unwritten Lyrics