Clapping*barking, and, somebody yells "yo whassup "? ? ![lawrence*

krisna parker] One
two Rap
music what, does it mean What
is everybody in this industry for What
is everybody buying, rap for Why
do people get involved in, rap music Rap
music number one is, the voice of black people number, one Number
two it's, the last voice of, black people Black
people have created every music you hear out here in the streets today Every
single music rock, and roll down Therefore
in; a situation that has all, african music in it All
african music uhh, exploiting, itself of it or, coming out of it All
african influence in all it's music And
you have what is called american music awards You
have what is called theft And
what I would like to bring out today is rap music As
a, revolutionary tool in changing the structure of racist america
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