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Riot Pump Lyrics

Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – Riot Pump Lyrics

So how you figure we gon' pump this crowd up, homeboy?
Just pass me the riot pump
I'll pump this crowd up
Everybody step back

A riot pump, y'all
Pump it up, y'all
A pump it up, y'all
A riot pump, y'all
Pump it up, y'all
The riot pump, y'all
Pump, pump, pump, pump me up
(Pump, pump, pump, pump me up)

Quick like a reflex, written like a school text
OMB, slap the bass, Rosco, bust the flex
All you posses, come on and give it up
TRIBE rollin' ? you know what's up
Put down the pencil, pick up a pistol
You turn around again, we won't miss you
The m-i-see to the tribe!
Is a gat to a sucker MC
Close range, got the aim
And you're to blame
And to your syndicate, nothin' changed, you're still the same
This bassline's kickin' up real dust
You down with it, you gonna have to get with us
livin' a life of a villain
You keep buyin', we keep sellin'
Time for you to surrender, it's just a character
Don't try to run, we'll hunt you like a predator
Prey like a vulture, you make a Boo-Yaa sculpture
Did you know we're doin' it for the culture?
Down from the big brown Boo-Yaa town
Forget the ounce, instead try to slap a pound

Pump, y'all
A riot pump, y'all
Riot pump, y'all
Pump it up, y'all
A riot pump, y'all
Pump it up, y'all
Pass me my riot pump
(Pump, pump, pump, pump me up)

Can anyone feel the fuckin' funk?
This one goes out to all you busters

187 to the posse, a Boo-Yaa logo
y'all already know (that's when it's loco)
kickin' up dust, let the dust remain
Turn up that bass, that's the crowd's main thing
Bass that ultimate choice
Sprayin' MC's by the shot of my voice
Posses claim old school and new school
But like a criminal I used to ditch school
That's why you will always be reminded
? Boo-Yaa, we're criminal minded
Step back, hah, get ready
(To all you posses) 187 with machetes
Unload like a 44, I got soul
comin' like Geronimo
? Alamo
Caged like a criminal
And I know from the frontdo'
Busta, let me go, I'm finna tell the Roscoe
Pump the pusher, I'm the criminal
(To all you posses) 187 from a limo (limo, limo, limo)
They say we're gangsters, so let the stage be the streets
Our drive-by's ? I took the posse with me
Renegades with braids finna unload the gauge
Boo-Yaa tribe! Boo-Yaa stage

Riot pump, y'all
Pump it up, y'all
A pump it up, y'all
A pump it up, a pump it up, a pump it up, y'all
Riot pump, y'all
Pump it up, y'all
Tell em
(Pump, pump, pump, pump me up)

This is that time
When Ridd loads up another clip

I said I was loced to that posse I smoked
I told a riddle, they thought it was a new joke
Rap fiend, I'm a killin' machine
It's Ganxsta R DD cuttin' like a guillotine
It's a passion being a assassin
They think we're gangsters, it's just a fashion
Forget the news, 'cause there's nothin' excitin
It's our time, Boo-Yaa's ridin'
(Boo-Yaa, Boo-Yaa ho-ridin')
(Boo-Yaa, Boo-Yaa ho-ridin')
(Boo-Yaa, Boo-Yaa ho-ridin')
Pass me the remote
Turn to Godzilla, pass me the Miller
Now you know we some posse killers
The baby gangsta comin' for the kingpin
It's a contract set from the state pen
The baby gangster, I'm the executioner
And everybody say ?
No, 'cause I know it's your last show
Rush it then, I'm only out on a furlough
Time is money, and money is time
I see I left you scared to stand behind me
Frontline, stand all position
Brown Berets, we're on a mission
On a mission to the t-o-p
And I'm down with tribe!
The remains of material in this rhyme
Is a word for man, a shock for mankind
We have risen above trivial insult
But surprised by the unexpected results
That's why you be what you want to be
I'm killin' MC's, 187 to your posse
You get the riddle? I ain't no joke
Pass me my riot pump, we finna get loc'ed

And when we do this, we want everybody to clap your hands

A riot pump, y'all
A Pump it up, y'all
A pump it up, a pump it up, a pump it up, y'all
Riot pump, y'all
A pump it up, y'all
Tell 'em
(Pump, pump, pump, pump me up)

EZ Mike with it, homeboys
The Gis
The Gis
TNT gettin' funky
Let's roll
Come on

You want us to leave the gat in the back?

(Boo-Yaa's in the house)
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