Like a candle in the wind - sometimes I'm getting weak
But who'll be there - to dry the tears I'm cryin'
Like a rainbow in sky - when the sun kisses the rain
I can't tell - when and where I'm going
Cold winds are blowing strong
But who will be by my side - and keep me warm through
The night
And when the bottle is your only friend - I realize

I am just a Rock and Roll Cowboy
Riding down these streets alone
I'm wanted like an outlaw
But someday I'm coming home
To get my piece of heart and soul

Like a bird who learns to fly - I left my sheltered
But I lost my way and sometimes lost my senses
Like a champion in the ring - who's drowning in his
I forget the pain I paid for glory
Too late for me to say good-bye
I can't turn back time - when my life was mine
But it's not too late to make a brandnew start -
Because I know


Baby cause I gave it all for Rock and Roll

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Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy Lyrics

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