It's official. We're mad.
We're all mad at someone and our anger takes over
And we stop having fun
And we talk but don't act
And then nothing will change.
We're so hellbent on destruction we forgot how to create.

You can't solve anything just by saying someone's wrong.
Yeah, behind your back we're enemies, face to face we get along.
'Cause we still shop at Wal-Mart and they still get major deals
And those insurance companies benefit from every fucking thing we steal.

We're not gonna fight and nothing's gonna change.
If we're not gonna fight, we're just lazy.

I guess I think the thing we need to keep in mind this time
Is that no one died the last time we stood up for our beliefs.
So I gotta say "adios" to irony.
"Later" lethargy.
"So long" sarcasm.
We're fucking bored with you.
If you want a war, we'll go to war with you.

So let's stop talking shit and let's start talking food.
If we're all feeling gyped, let's create something new.
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It's Official! We're Booooorrrrring! Lyrics

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