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Stab Lyrics

Bodysnatcher – Stab Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I wish you could feel the pain that I feel
The pain I feel on the inside
On the inside
You left this knife in my side
Left me to rot
I learned what abandonment was
The misery, the blood and tears
They meant nothing to you
The misery and the tears and blood
Meant shit to you
You will die a painful death
Choke on your blood
I was right when I said we're not brothers anymore
You still haven't grown a spine
I see you're just the fucking same

You coward

[Verse 2]
I hope this makes you sick
Have a brush with death
It's what you fucking deserve
What you fucking deserve

[Breakdown 2]
I never asked for this
But I will finish it
And you will get what you deserve
What you deserve
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