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Wholesome Lyrics

Body Thief – Wholesome Lyrics

Your words could be lethal
They should be illegal
Like addicts with needles
I need my fixation

Your touch is so perfect
Your kiss always worth it
Now I've made them worthless
With my inclinations

When I finally wake up
From this mess I'm in
I hope you still speak those words
Without a stutter in your speech
Without a doubt of what you see in me

You've finally found
Some stable ground
Around my feet to walk on
Because now I know
Your silent tip toe-ing
Around me
No it won't cut it
Cause you're not my puppet
You've helped me
Kill Japedo
Now we can rise above it
Or so I thought
Cause every time I get to thinking
My head nearly falls off
I just need your sweet, unending love
Time and time again
That you have given me
A thousand time before

Her touch is so perfect
Her kiss always worth it
I'm going through withdrawal
Like an addict with his needle
I need my fixation

I don't need a bucket to finish this list
Cause what my heart desires
Would take place in a few years
We'd coexist with our God as our captain
I hope I haven't sink this ship
With what has happened

As strong as I'm being
With God in control
I still hate this feeling
I'm hollow
So hollow

It doesn't matter what's after
This stories modern chapter
I'll still miss your smile
I'll still miss your laughter

Somedays are so hard
To wake up in the morning
Staring at the wall
While I'm feeling numb

So to take the edge off
I'll down a bottle of Bible
Get drunk off the word and learn
Holy survival

Tell me we can fix what I've cruelly destroyed
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