Sadie's just a girl
From the other side of town, um um!
She's got the power
To pull me down, um um!
And I know, she's the one
Yeah, She's the One!
She don't love
And, Hey Little Girl
When you need someone
You keep a,
Holding On,
Believe in it Someday
Holding On,
Believe in it Someday
Just the Other Day
I met a Preacher Man, um um!
He Said, "Son don't you know about the Promised Land", oh yea!
I said, "Lord, save my soul, you better send my piece of mind"
'Cause when I see My Baby
She keeps sinning all the time
I keep a...
(Repeat chorus twice)
Yeah, I believe
I said, "Yeah, yeah, I believe"
Well, I came home late on a Summers Night, um um!
My Dad is out staring at the city lights, um um
He said, "Boy, don't you know, there's somethin' to be said for freedom"
He said, "Go, Johnny Go, keep running you're the one"
I keep a...
(Repeat chorus twice)
Yeah, Oh Oh, Oh Oh, Oh Someday (5 times)
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Someday Lyrics

Bodeans – Someday Lyrics

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