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Jealous Love Lyrics

Bobby Womack – Jealous Love Lyrics

I gave you time
Come around
Girl, you got my world upside down
Jealous love, ooh baby
Jealous love
Jealous love

You got to trust me sometimes
Oh oh oh I know you're so sweet
And I know you're so kind
But you're killing my love
Jealous love of mine
Jealous love
I had to go baby and let you found yourself
Trust me (trust me)
Trust me
All you gotta do is trust me baby

Home from work
Every day on time
You've got your hand in my pocket
For that number that you thought you'd find

And every time that a pretty girl walks by
I catch you watching me, baby
Upon the corner of your eye

Oh oh oh you're so sweet
I know you're so kind
Can't you see my face, girl
Must gon' be running out of time
Jealous love
I got to go away and then find myself
Oh babe, nuh oh ah
Trust me (trust me)
Trust me
Oh, yeah, trust me babe
Oh, yeah
On time

Girl lets go, you'll find yourself
I don't wanna baby
(I heard oh little baby that you'll find yourself)
You better find, find yourself
Look woman, you left too hard
(I heard oh little baby that you'll find yourself) go away, go away, go away
Girl you done blew your cool
You're running out of food
I seen a woman (take a man's life, take a man's life, take a man's life)
Even though I know she had a whole lot of love for him
Everybody said it was jealous love, and they was right
Love and happiness are like twins
When one is absent to the other, it always seems like something or someone is missing
Probably the Bible expressed the importance of devotion most dramatically
When it says that greater love
Has no man than this, to lay down his life for another
You know this kind of love is lacking in the world today

Too many people are willing to stand back and watch someone
To watch someone experience sorrow either because they're afraid or they don't
Wanna be involved or they simply don't give a damn
About another human being's life
My brother said
Love is emblem of eternity
Think your head on that

Run to the rock
Hide your face
Rocks cry out
There's no hiding place
Where are you gonna run?
Where are you gonna run
Where are you gonna hide
Oh oh baby baby baby baby
Give us love
I think it's time you gave it up
I think it's time you gave it up
Jealous love
I'm gonna away, I'm not your fantasy
Jealous love
You better find yourself
Where are you gonna run
When the sun goes down? Oh oh yeah yeah
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