Hey man, you'll never know the things that we had to show
You knew some of the things that I loved
The one day you took that trip with us

Cause we don't understand how fragile we are
I could think of million it shoulda been in that car
But hey man we liked you
Be Lake

And now we know some of the things you loved like getting busted or fucking on drowning boats
Oh wow such a small memory
You bought the girls breakfast
We never really knew how short life can be

And maybe one day we'll meet and hat's off to you Be Lake
You got caught in a machine that you can't erase
But hey man we liked you
Be Lake

And nothing on this planet should ever be too unsatisfying
You'd do some of the things that I’d never do
You taught me how to breathe dirt
Somehow they're people too

And on the ride to the lake you had nothing bad thing to say
And you ordered my album forever yours with no shame
But hey man we liked you
Be Lake
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Be Lake Lyrics

Bobby Meader Music – Be Lake Lyrics