What gets my goat, what gives me pain
Wrinks up my crown, fills me with shame
Heats up my blood, drives me insane
Knowin' my brothers they ain't all treat the same
I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm angry

I'm all wound up, I'm all tied down
Balled up inside & spinnin' all around
My pain is deep, my hurt is so wide
I hear you cryin' freedom but freedom is denied

I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm angry

Woe, woe
Hope is a mannequin, Hope is a mannequin
Love is a battlefield, Love is a battlefield

I ain't playin' those games, ain't playing those games
All prejudice is just inane
My brothers blood from the ground cries out
Let's stop this bloodstained freedom shout

I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm angry
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Angry Lyrics

Bobby McFerrin – Angry Lyrics