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Storm Away Lyrics

Bobby Brown – Storm Away Lyrics


Verse 1:
Looking back on when I was a child
Not a care in the world
All I've learned, and all that I know now
Sometimes we go through pain
Please take us from the rain
How long must this world continue to be
Seems like no one even cares, yeah
Think about the children, and what they need
Help me find a way, yeah, to take the storm away, Yeah

Somebody take the storm away (3x)
Before it comes on down

I know we've come too far
But we must live in a world full of love
I know, I know, I know I can
I know we can take the storm away

Sax solo

Somebody take the storm away(3x)

You know this world is in definite need for
A change we must ask ourselves.
Do we want all of our kids growing up into
A world of hate, a world of prejudice, a world of heartaches
A world of drugs and politics...
I don't think so. I think, everybody wants to see the same things happen.
We must come together, and live together,
In this world

Chorus with Bobby's adlibs and fade
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