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I'm Bad Lyrics

B.o.B – I'm Bad Lyrics

Give me that walkie-talkie

[Verse 1]
New niggas can't rap quite like I can
I just landed in Japan with a blunt in my hand
Bobby Ray, got a bitch for each B in my name
The only thing missing from my dick is her [?]
I'm magnificent k-k-k- I be killing shit
Crime scene too dirty, they left a fingerprint
Oh you gangsta of the year huh
Bet if I threw your mixtape out of my window you shed a tear huh
I know the game ain't the way it work
She wanted me choke her, told her sign a waiver first
I'm talking paperwork, paperwork, body search
When they hundred bitches falling like life alert
And I don't want no praise, I don't want no debt
So many agents on my page think my phone is tapped
She tells me "Bobby Ray you always drip the hardest"
Call it jaws, pussy wetter then the sharks fin

I'm Bad (O-b, b-o o-b, b-o-b, b-o-b)
Think I'm gonna need backup (O-b, b-o o-b, b-o-b, b-o-b)
Think I'm gonna need backup
I'm a bad mothafu- I'm a- I'm a bad mothafu- I'm a- I'm a ba-

[Verse 2]
I'm a bad madafucka even worse [?] physical
Fuck her like my dick gon' get residual
Picasso with the visuals
Came out the womb walked out on a hospital bill
My lifestyle is a taboo, she a bad bitch but can't sit through a tattoo
That clit big as a [?]
Tryna' hide this boner like i'm smuggling statues
That ain't your hubby just a nigga you live with
Fuck on a little bit and split out her bills with
You split 'cause he found he had a family in Memphis
And his kids go to clipston (to clipston?) to clipston
You want a nigga everyone ain't been with
But nigga's gone nigga I would say it's a slim pick
If love is a crime I got felonies
Baby momma's crushing like a jelly bean
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