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Chaos Lyrics

B.o.B – Chaos Lyrics

Take my keys and start it, start it, take

[Verse 1]
Hold on, wait a minute, how ya feel lil bitch!
You already know I finna kill this shit
No go with the Label, what's the deal, lil bitch?
Playin' with my money, I'mma kill that bitch
I'mma kill that bitch, I'mma euthanize it
We all at the funeral with suits and ties
I'mma get my check and the uvaluv
I mean an envelope, and yes, I will
Lemme get a drop, I got the lil niggas in a bag
Bitch should bag on my bad, my bad, bitch ya bad
Pirex on the tat, many pro'lem want on me
I gave my lil hoe 50 hunnid, hoe
Ya know who run it, hoe
Dick all in yo stomach, hoe
Ya know you want it, hoe
Dick all in the stomach like a hollow tip
After she give me that pussy, then I gotta dip
Ya know these hoes is hoes is hoes
We got a lotta them
Hoe, on the shit you cd five, not on my colla bend
I'm just chillin' with some bitches and they lookin' like some twist
Yes, I'm from Atlanta, the west side I represent
If I hop up on that organ I can make yo ass a?
Bitch, stop pitchin' me ideas and go pitch yo ass a tip
Tinted windows on my web pc, that shit like 5%
Damn, can't see
Get em runnin'!
Runnin' through a check, I fucked up my hand, now a nigga can't count it
The Coupe set up with Forgiato, rubber band
Lil nigga, I mount it
Wyle-e, I be actin' hard, I swear to God that these niggas ain't bout it
They mad that my team winnin', theirs isn't so we got em all potty
I'mma tell ya why they actin' like that, these days, errbody want an Oscar
And they not my sons, and if they are, I swear to God I'mma put em in foster care
Ya want tv, take ya off the air
I'mma show my ass, nigga, art to be here
And ya know I will like an? Clip
I won't explain that line, need not to be clear
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