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A Girl Like You Lyrics

Bob & Tom – A Girl Like You Lyrics

(1st Mans voice)
I met you at a Pearl Jam concert. You stood up and began to dance.
When I saw your great big knockers I gave you a standing ovation in my pants
Who care about any better, there's something I, I like much better
A pretty lady in a skin tight sweater you know

A big bosom girl like you, with huge honkers like you, badasoomas like you
I love your kalamazoos. I bet that you can't see your shoes.

I met you at the tatoo parlor, you were teasing your great big hair
you had all your favorite singers tatooed to everywhere-air-air
Elvis Presley was on each hooter, Johny Cash was tatooed on your pooter
Was that Willy Nelson down by your kooter, who knows?

When a girl has big boobies like you, big jumpums like you
braw buddies like you
I wanna tweak your spark plugs, I love those things on my jugs

(2nd Mans Voice)
I met you down in New Orleans, swing at the Mardi Gras
I handed you a beaded neckalace, and you handed me your bra
I won't forget the times we spent, that tuesday it just came and went
There's one thing I'm not giving up for let, Oh no

A girl with kozonga's like you, torpedos like you, wenbegos like you
without those big snuggle pups mmm.

(Womans voice)
Oh ya oh huh ya
I met you at the Happy Clam boy, I've never seen a girl like you
You had a haircut like John Eunitus and a gregute Stard tatoo on you
I was whering a leather skirt, I bought you a drink and began to flirt
I wondered what was under the flannel shirt

A girl with big nellas like you, love muffins like you
Ya as I squease your sweet little rings, I thought I smelled sardine

(2nd man and woman's voice alternating)
blessed mcgees like you
big bobbins like you
twin tom tom like you
two christy lees like you
huge carlinys like you
Shaniquas like you
Lets order taco's for two

A big bosom girl like you
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