When I was a little girl, I had a rag-doll
The only doll I've ever owned.
Now I love you just the way I love that rag-doll,
But only now the love has grown.

And it get's stronger everyway...
And It get's deeper let me say...
And It get's higher day by day...
Ah, do I love you my oh my?
River deep - Mountain High.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
And If I lost you would I cry?
Oh, Baby.
Baby. Baby. Baby.

When you where a young boy did you have a puppy?
That alway's followed you around.
Well I'm gonna be as faithful as that puppy.
No I'll never let you down
And it goes on and on, like a river flows,
And it gets sweeter, heaven knows,
And it gets sweeter baby as it grows.

I love you baby like a flower loves the spring
And, I love you baby like a robin loves to sing.
Oh I love you baby like a school boy loves his pie.
Oh I love you honey rivers deep mountains high.

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River Deep-Mountain High Lyrics

Bob Seger – River Deep-Mountain High Lyrics