Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Why, why, why, why

What we say, and what we do
Determines our future, our whole life through
Living our lives, honest and true
Treating one another as you’ve have them treat you
So tell me
Why can’t we see it
Why can’t we do it

Well is it a problem of knowing right from wrong
Maybe it’s just that it’s gone on so long
No respect for each other, no respect for ourselves
Thinking that the problem will take care of itself
It’s a decision, we’ve got to make
Stop selfish obsession, before it’s too late
Before it’s too late, ya

Through the power of love, all things come to pass
Our only salvation, if we are to last
Teach respect to our children, of their fellow man
Respect for all creatures and respect for the land
So I ask you
Why can’t we do it?
Why, why…
Why can’t we see it?
Oh why….
Why can’t we, why can’t do it?
Why, why, ....
Why can’t we see it?
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Why Lyrics

Bob Read – Why Lyrics