Tonight's the last night that I'm coming home to you
It seems at last my mind is made for good
There'll be no more excuses like "i wasn't near a phone"
You wouldn't call me even if you could

Tonight's the last night that I'm waiting up for you
It doesn't seem to matter if I do
'cause you've got friends and places where you feel much more at ease
I've come to realize that's nothing new

I've learned one thing for certain
With you near me all this time
That what was yours is yours, what's mine is mine
But of all of these possessions I have let go of the greatest one of all

Tonight's the last night that I'm gonna feel this way
This emptiness is so hard to explain
I've changed my number and the locks on all the doors
And I hope I never go through this again

Tonight's the last night that I'll ever spend with you
And please don't ask me why 'cause I don't know
It's just a funny feeling that's been building up inside
Tonight I have decided I must go
I must go
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The Last Night Lyrics

Bob Mould – The Last Night Lyrics

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