I, I need your love, baby
Forever, ever more now

Let me tell you that I, I, I
I really need your love, baby
Don't ever walk, don't ever walk
Walk out that door now
Mmm, to another lover

Oh, I don't ever want you
To go, girl, no, no
Whoa, I'm gonna wait
Yes, I'm gonna wait for you, baby
Forever more

Let me tell you now
If you, you, you
If you ever leave me, baby
You know I'll wait
I'll have to wait
For your return now

So never, never, never go

I, I, I, I need your arms
To hold, yes, hold me
Through the night now

Let me tell one thing
Baby, if you go now
Yeah, I'm gonna miss you
Girl, I'm gonna miss
Your loving, baby, yeah

Whoa, come back, come back
Don't you ever
Never, never leave me

Cause you know if you
Ever leave me, baby
I'm just gonna

Yeah, baby
Don't ever walk out that door
I'll tell you the sweetest
Sweetest little things ever
Oh, yeah

Never, never, never go
Never, never, never leave
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Don't Ever Leave Me Lyrics

Bob & Earl – Don't Ever Leave Me Lyrics

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