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Soda Pop Lyrics

Bo Selecta – Soda Pop Lyrics


Soda pop, lets get busy
Sooooodaaa pop
Drink some of my fizzy
Soda pop, lets get busy
Sooooodaaa pop
Drink some of my fizzy


Sitting hangin wit pretty mamas
That think they are all that

With their pretty faces and their big behinds
But their fronts all flat

I like a girl all full of plump
Don't care if her boobs are fake

She better taste fine when I go to dine
Down on her lady cake

Cake, piece of cake, on a plate
That's a metaphor for your puni

I want your puni, on my face
It tastes quite nice, but your a disgrace


I don't care for tits, you boobless bitch
Your body'll do just fine

I like your face
Your chin is ace
What do you think of mine?

Mine has a beard on it
That I designed

I used a pen
I used me mind

I used me mind
To design my beard
I used a pen

'that's reet'

That's how confident I was
I used A pen!!!



Pu pu pa teee
Pu ptee
Pum pum pa teee
Weee dekk all dekkly

I'm looking for a guy that's proper bo
Make love for 7 days

Up the front and round the back
All kinds of different ways

I'm a girl your a boy
Do you fancy a one night stand?

Forget the talk, get straight to s**
Coz my converstations bland, really bland

Big busters
Small busters
No busters
Ghost busters!!!!

I aint afraid of no cake!!

Who you gonna call?
Craig daviddd!


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