My sister's name is Puudin' & Tame,
Ask me again, I'll tell you the same,
My brother's name is Little Jack Horner,
Momma tol' him "watch the baby", he didn' wanna

Sister told papa when he got home,
Papa, papa, he been sassin' mom
Papa looked at brother, fire in his eyes,
Brother started doin' th' handjive.

He called sis and he called mom,
Said, "Look a here, look a here, what this boy know"
Everybody had a real surprise,
But brother had tears in his eyes.

Brother's so scared he couldn't walk,
Papa so mad he could not talk.

Oh, I, I, I, baby, I love you so,
You know, you know, I love you so.

All my life I been lovin' you,
Sometimes I wonder, baby, what you're gonna do.
You told me honey, that our love's unreal,
I can't be with you cause you won't be filled.
You keep tellin' all our closest friends,
That you were with me from the very beginin',
I, I, yeah, I love you so.

In the morning, it's alright,
In the evening, it's still alright,
In the night, it's alright,
Where you be, it's still alright.
I, I, love you
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Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Bo Diddley – Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

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