This gon be my last time an alone nigga
I always tot about her like crazy lunna
My one shot, one am ready to take
Real nigga from the curves setting records straight
We started out young we were teens we were small use to chill at the mall
We do this everyday like we were getting paid
Shops locked up now we got no good place
She called me two names on the first day
And I answered them both like they were my names
Walked up to her straight with a scared face
I even doubled my steps to flow with her pace
She met my gaze and grabbed me by the hand
The way she made me feel I didn't understand
But now I knw better cos my feelings got deeper
She cleaned up my shit cos she a real keeper

You make me feel like am in the sky
And without you I'll hit the ground.
Yeah you know
Yeah you know

I want you, I love you, I need you
Come with me. I just wanna kiss you
I don't wanna try to forget you
Yeah you know
Yeah you know

The way she smile is like an x- ray
And the way that she laughs she makes my day
For the first time things are going my way
But I still got a good chance of throwing all away
I said I want you, she said you got me,
I said I mean it, she say am crazy
She thinks am playing, but a girl gotta knw when shit got real
I took her by the hand with a bold face
But in my heart of heart I prayed for God's grace
Don't wanna messup we in a good place
I looked her in the eyes and didn't know wat to say
Then she placed her right hand on my left cheek
Said u dnt need to talk I knw how you feel
Those shocking words came from her lips

Now the stage is set we gonna do this

Gaddam girl feel so real
Don't wake me up if it's all a dream
Never the less know that I'll be keeping it real
Never gon play off if you stay with me
Take my hands girl don't shy
I aint gat wings but we gon fly
To the sky and through the stars
You be the beat right in my heart
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You Know Lyrics

Bluntkid – You Know Lyrics

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