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Anything Is Possible Lyrics

Blueprint – Anything Is Possible Lyrics

Yea from the top man
For those who don't know
Desk job or streetlight my fam gotta eat right
Weekend or weeknight we work until we see light
What comes around goes around it feels good to be right
You 'bout to be in last place no chance to see the mic
No doubt my flow's actually 'bout to be
The Barry Bonds of any song your hear me on
Haters want to give directions but they can't steer me wrong
I'm clearly strong enough to bust through any bond you form
I started rhymin in a dormitory stairwell
My college life parallel, both heaven and hell
At its apex blank checks for the cashin'
Worst case scenario I wouldn't let it happen
I came too far to turn around and stop now
My momma worked hard just so I could make it
And I'll be damned if I let her hard work stay wasted
She said "Boy, don't worry 'bout those banks statements
When life is dishin' it out you gotta be able to take it
And make it into a stepping stone
Because with every move you make you're closer to home"
I said, "True mom," walked away with that jewel
Then I studied hard, and got the hell outta school
Now I never trip over monetary obstacles
Because I know that anything is possible

It's like that y'all
And you don't stop
It's like that y'all
And you don't quit
You keep on, you keep on
No doubt, and we out!
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