Police met billy when he go an mek some smuggling police
Seh billy boy, you under damn arrest
"if you pay me no money I have to mek a big attac"
An billy run away, wid de police on him back
An dem seh stop it is a wrong 'em boyo stop wrong 'em
Why do you try to cheat
Give me all your hash an weed don't you know it is wrong
To trust a policeman
If you smuggle all de weed and don't pay dem their money
You better go straight you better go

Straight to hell now sonny
Stop it is a wrong 'em boyo an dem seh stop wrong 'em
Billy boy has been shot an police come out on top
Don't you know it is wrong to trust a policeman
But if you must keep on smuggling all de hash an weed you
Got to play it billy
Play you got to play it billy play, you got to play it
Billy play you better stop it is a
Wrong 'em boyo stop wrong 'em boyo
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Billy The Boy Lyrics

Bluekilla – Billy The Boy Lyrics