All is clear now, in the night.
Wrapped in a blanket of feelings I take flight
If something is gonna happen it better be soon
I can't go on nothing, I play the fool

How can this be
The way that it's meant to be?
Can we mend the broken strings?

So what can I say?
Are you leaving today?
It's too easy to let it slip away.

All is clear now and I can see
There's a distance growing between you and me
Are you listening, are you listening tonight?
I believe you, yes I believe you tonight.

You keep me so far away
Believe me that I'm here to stay.
There's no one that I know who can dance with the angels
And shame every halo
We've got to find a way
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The Way It's Meant To Be Lyrics

Blue Shade Witness – The Way It's Meant To Be Lyrics