What's so obvious now

Was just as obvious then

What the whole world already knew

I was the last to admit

I guess I'm a fool

But I just can't stand the pain

And I'd rather hide in this empty hope
Then to go through all that shit again


You say we don't live together
We just share the same house

Funny how you took the words

Right out of my mouth
No miracle no dazzle

My tongue is tied

And at this point there ain't much difference

Between the leaving

And the left behind

I still remember

When you tried to be discreet

I thought I was going crazy
But it was just you lying through your teeth

Now you don't even bother

Yeah there's no need to pretend
You don't make up those stupid answers anymore

When I ask you where you've been

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No Miracle, No Dazzle Lyrics

Blue Rodeo – No Miracle, No Dazzle Lyrics