My mind is clear and I easily see.
From all restrains I have broken free.
Iґm not gonna watch my life waste away.
From my ideas I will neverstray.
Drink yourself stupid, the canonical escape.
Your apathetic life will seal your fate.
Fuck your pseudohigh, mind intoxication.
Accomplishment alone yields gratification.
As sharp as a knife
I will live my life.
I will stand strong against a sea of mud.
I will always fight for what I think is right.
Courage, strength and honor flows in my blood.
I will stand strong.
I hate what I see and what you abuse.
You need to stand strong in this final hour.
Whate is pride when you have no discipline?
When you have lost the ability to win.
As we strugglein the name of this movement.
Victory through introverted improvement.
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Stand Strong Lyrics

Blue Eyed Devils – Stand Strong Lyrics