This is the first time
Also the worst time
For me to fall in love with you
If the truth was told on me
You had a hold on me
And I wondered if you knew

It's a simple complication
That destroys a piece of mind
Looking for a feeling I'll never find
Stays with me every day
Always getting in my way
Hoping for another place in time
A simple complication
You're on my mind

Passed by you the other day
You were going the other way
I asked myself what else is new
You were walking hand in hand
It's a sight I can't stand
What in heavens' name can I do


La La La La La...


But the simple part of loving you
Was all I felt
The complicated part is you belong to someone else
Can't play the game
Cause it's one I can't win
I guess you play the hand you're dealt

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Simple Complication Lyrics

Blue Dogs – Simple Complication Lyrics