Give me you and the whole wide world
Give me your tapes and your secret photos
I'll give you my money
Just give me a car
And tell me where you want to go

Let's go to where we're both in love
And no one tells us what to do
And I will get you
Call you bliss
I will get to feel like this

[Chorus: ]
I will want to see you (I will want to see you)
I will catch a plane (I will catch a plane)
If I want to see you twice
I'll catch that plane again (catch that plane again)
Why'know I'm living in my own world
Living where I want to be
Living in my own world
Together, yes, and separately

Now we are young and we'll go far
We'll name our children after our car
Have swivel-hipster-fuel-air-blast
And crystal-toting plaster casters

Sing our hymns and hear us sing
Nothing is an unmixed blessing
Drive me down to each west coast
If you can read this, you're too close

[Chorus: ]
And we'll be living in our own world
Separate on account of me
Living in our own world
But only temporarily (own world)

Well, I fall in love
It's never enough
To see how others fall in love
I wake you up, you take my hand
You take me down to Disneyland

Everybody's happy sometimes
Now check this truth and hand it to me
Meantime, can I stop writing now?

[Chorus: ]
Until I'm living in our own world
Give me a message I can see
Living in our own world
Call me, call me, call me, call me
Call me anything...

Sweet dreams, baby...sweet dreams, baby...sweet dream, baby
Until then...
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Yr Own World Lyrics

Blue Aeroplanes – Yr Own World Lyrics

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