Ay yo we talkin about the gems
Don't forget about the jewels, rings
You rolling with the misfits, kings
400 on the fit bitch, scream
Gimme shine, gimme shine my brother (like me)
And don't forget about the gems (that drop in the sinks)
Throw up plenty on this ship with me, please
They acting like we never had nothing, nigga eat

I played a clean hand on a mummy, these sleeves
I wear my heart on that
War started when I wished I was a Harlem cat
It ain't a problem, but I would have ate up all them cats
And ate up all their tracks, but bitches call me back
Black cat kid, Chucks and a chain
My name heavy, the game know ya boy ain't playin
Cause they pay for me, I gotta check your I'd
? Chicken is pricey
Fine pinky cause I shine?
My mind peaking on the break of converting the swine-eaters
Bacon burgers, avocado on a? Brother
Save the onions for my murianos cause
I smoke a doobie at the movies, what you tryna fuck her
Real shit, she think she lucky, 'til I can fuck her
Seattle, Met Apollo on a Wednesday

He swore his life has never been the same
I said it's funny cause I only been this close to ceo, this green
You know the?, yeah them niggas paid
New plates in the lane, I need my rep tighter
And all my niggas should be closer with the debts biting
Not to mention we blessed, oh yea we only blessed nigga
What you invest in? Little brother, I'm hesitant, it's the shine


Forget a crew, you need a sidekick
The nice bitches to croon
They like niggas now
Tight crown fits with the robe
They pull a throne out they ass for me
So I sat on
Sat and got my mack on, natural bitches with Mac on
Snatched cool catch, cool batch with a piece
Pulling platinum and heat off that memorex compete
I got visions of me and a milli that wanna be the Willie
Never be Uncle Willy, that? Was silly
Shit I should drive a Bentley
Be in nobody's business
Be in nobody's spot fuckin all the bitches
Who wanted all the riches? We did
Call my sisters.
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The Clean Hand Lyrics

Blu – The Clean Hand Lyrics