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Legacy Of Greed Lyrics

Blood Red Throne – Legacy Of Greed Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I am corruption
The one and only source
Everyone knows my name none can resist
I am a sociopath and so are you
My colors multiply now go and justify your actions
So I can forge your fate
A legacy of greed on people's misery I will feed
I bring where I am craved the most of all
My melody it brings out spitefulness
And crumbles thrones of mighty kings

I am God
My flesh is your religion
I am life
Your weakness builds my kingdom
I am death
So kneel before your master
You are mine

[Verse 2]
My blood a drug so refined
Just kill and disregard
The consequences
Buy your wine
Buy your whores
Bathe in riches
Then kill your son pray for more
My domain of tyranny man's foundation
Built for war
I'm the end of everything
Man's demise

Witness your own downfall
Through my eyes
I am God

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