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Clipped On Lyrics

Blood Orange – Clipped On Lyrics

I've been doing all the things you don't want me to do
Lay me down, sit right next to me, baby
All I do is think about you
All I do is think about you, baby

Devil barely in a dress, painting the town red
I'm watching it dry while I wait to take her to bed
I'm bored out my mind and my table paying her rent
By the time I take care of the check she be moist as a towelette

She told me she only got eyes for me
I know she ain't blind though
Who she see when she got lonely

Which one of them reached in her thighs
Birds and the bees in the hive
Trying to creep in disguise, show me

I'm only one of her one and onlys
Grass on the other side is so green
And sorry won't cut it so try a knife or don't be

While time goes slowly
On the rose gold roley

Fine prized ponies
All racing for dollar bills
Get your bitch a collar, chill
Chances are she probably will

Once she got all oochie wally off a molly pill
Woke up in a bonneville
Missed that new bugatti feel

Roof goner than the tooth on a toddler
And the sun shining through
As if it knew im his father

New mantras if the goose out the bottle
I don't need no excuses for the smooch on the collar

And I don't know
If this the edge of my seat or it's the end of my rope
So whats it gonna be?
Either love or leave it alone

Asking me how i sleep at night
When you know that I don't
Trying to keep from dreaming about seein' you on your own
Being who you being and leavin me here at home

Hear the streets are speakin'
I got the block in a choke
I ain't feelin' the city breathing
I'm squeezing down on its throat

Used to be a dime
Now she's on the house
You made your bed now lie in it
Or sleep on the couch

It ain't you its me
Its OK boo, I quit
It takes two to tango
It takes one to dip

You never seem to tell me
What you want to be
But every time your eyes look
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