Lightning flashes, thunder booms
Feel the rattle in every room
Trees burn, the ground it quakes
You see the walls thrash and shake
The trees, they flutter
People must die
From the menacing thunder in the sky

Feel the rush flow through your veins
The flashes burn brighter,
The acid pain
Nuclear war, destruction to all
The light greets me now,
And then you must fall
The bolt in the clouds
The sign in the stars
The end of the world must be not that far

Menacing thunder in the skies
The clouds are deep,
But now they rise
The storm is gone
The ending grows near
Menacing thunder shall take you fear

The gods fall victim to the rain
And then you feel it's only dreams
The sparks fly through the blackened sky
Earth splits open for all who have died
A taste of the future,
A bit of the past
A great shock of thunder
The ending at last...

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Menacing Thunder Lyrics

Blood Feast – Menacing Thunder Lyrics