Dig up the conjo, breaking the mojo
Dig up the conjo, making me well

Who do you love?
You're a mess, got a gun to your head
And drums in the night going blind

Lost in the congo, holding the bongo
Kilimanjaro, dig up the conjo

Listen to drums
For the name little hearts
Beat like saints
Come marching in

Deep in the bayou, demon inside you
Put on the hoo doo, put on the hoo doo

Who do you love?
Hey mommy, do you see that man?
Hey mommy, I don't understand
It's only a zombie, honey, hailing a cab
Just hold my hand and don't look in his face

Jungle inside you, something's beside you
Doing the mambo, dig up the conjo

Who do you love?

A Loa down the well
Come and ring the bell
The jungle's burning down

Lost in the congo, beating the bongo
Dig up the conjo

Who do you love?

To confess to the sun
Hold your breath, something comes
It's alright, half alive
Watching you while it flies

Lost in the congo, beating my bongo
Breaking the mojo, dig up the conjo
Beating my bongo, holding the mojo
Making me well
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Dig Up The Congo Lyrics

Blondie – Dig Up The Congo Lyrics