It's not about the end, but a new arrival
Overwhelming and irresistible
Our greed for your pain is real
This time throats will trumpet a complete surrender
All hail the adversary
A rival in the flesh
And the creed comes roaring
By the songs of rapid birds
Maybe there's time to evoke the astral rebels
A gathering in the ashes of the apocalypse
Once the snake revealed
And it might be true

All the bright stars of heaven I will make sinister over

And I will bring darkness over the world

Soon seers will call on the ocean
Make us redeem in your waves
Imagine a see of razors
And redemption is not what it seem
Coal for the thirsty
Firewood from the past
Cleansing a disgusting breed
Revolt is our iniquity, and dreaded vice
The spears are sharpened
Poles against christianity
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Revolutionary Warfare Lyrics

Blodsrit – Revolutionary Warfare Lyrics