Wake up
The wind up
Hope you got
Your mind made up
I got time
But you take it all up
Try and stand my ground
And you shake it all up
Making my way
Yet I feel
I'm still fucking it up
Got my head
Screwed on wrong
Busted my face
When I walked in the place
Fucked up
When I got my first taste
Got money to spend
Time to waste
Candle's burning
At both ends
So baby make haste
What can you do
When it's all in front of you
And keeping on
All they ask of you
I ask "What if... ?"
They say
"You'll know what to do"
Wake up
The wind up
Catching up
I want to dream
But can't get that deep
Here's your last cigarette
A flashback of shit
You ain't done yet
Here's your wake up call
For once for all
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Wake Up / The Wind Up Lyrics

Blinding Light – Wake Up / The Wind Up Lyrics