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Like Lions Lyrics

Blind Pilot – Like Lions Lyrics

from album: And Then Like Lions (2016)
There are those among us willing to get by on anything
Hollow hope of what is coming, a lifetime dangled by a string
But this ocean dives so deeply and this river runs so wide
I won't be counted one among them until my soul is satisfied
Brick and brick of buried hunger keeping all desire dark
And then we are like lions, we are tearing it apart
There are those among us lying, saying nothing is for free
And then we are like lions, we will not leave until we eat

Playing kings and playing peasants, do we get what we are owed?
An eagle comes and talks of failure, a rabbit offers up its throat
Will they buy even our breathing, a river strangled by a damn?
Less than one percent are taking so tell me who dries up this land
Is it worse to see no future? Is it worse to be afraid?
And then we are like lions, pumping fire in our veins
We are born in perfect hunger, we are born with perfect need
And then we are like lions, we are baring all our teeth

It is coming down the mountain, fear that holds you like the cold
It wants to settle in your footprints, keep you still from where you're going
All you think you know of losing, all you doubt of innocence
That big sky still hangs above you, every day just want to quit
There's no light you see to guide you and it scares you just to say
And then we are like lions, nothing dares get in our way
See your faithless sails drifting and your truth just cut apart
And then we are like lions, we are golden in our hearts

And then we are like lions, we are standing on two feet
Hang it on the kitchen wall for everyone to see
Get out your banjo so we can sing

There are winds that wrap and hold me, there are whispers in the trees
I cannot hold all that is sacred, they are holding onto me
Kiss the years that all are dying, kiss the face that makes you stay
They are in your rhythms walking, they are showing you the way
Breath and breath above a sickness shouting threats upon your life
And then we are like lions, we are fool enough to fight
It will cheat you in the balance, taking more than left to live
And then we are like lions, we are strong enough to give
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Songwriters: AARON NEBEKER
Like Lions lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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