Chillin In My Room it's 11: 32
Money On My Mind Saying Money Is The Mood
Just Got Me Some Shirts And Some Brand New Shoes
And A Pair Of Jeans that's Blue

I Sing Like T-Pain To Make you Feel The Pain
Love a lot Of Money. I Love Getting Some Change
So Much Change I Go Insane And All I Say Is Oooooooo

See I'm Leanin In Da Club. Niggaz There Wyldin
Dolla's On The Set And This Moneysz Still Piling.
See This Season Is About. All Of My Niggasz Grindin Out

Posted In The Hill
With My Cousin Skillsz
Taking No Breaks

Leaning On The Block
With My Cousin Roc
Making That Cake.

I Love The Way I Make This Money
I Love The Way I Make That Cake
And No nigga Can Take It From Me
Lets Get It Lets Get It Lets Get It Lets Get It Cmon

[Verse 2:]
My Jeans Aint Jewish My Jeans Aint Christian
Used To Think They Was Cause They True To They Religion
So I Switched Up And Copped me Some Jeans For My Black Sneaks
From The Thrift Store. Nigga They Is Antiques.
Not Antiques Like 80 Year Jeans.
380 Beans If You Know What I Mean.
So Fresh So Clean. Fresh I'm Clinging.
Bleszt Is Singing B-B-Bleszt Is Singing
Now If You Catch My Drift You Would Know I don't Play No Games.
And If You See My Team, You Would Know That I Does My Thang
Keep Money So I Keep My Wrist So Bright
Rocks Got My Chain Lookin like Disco lights
My Clicksz So Right, My Clicksz So Tight
We Makin Money To Make Em Say Ooooooo

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Make This Money Lyrics

Bleszt – Make This Money Lyrics