You come at me
Trying to break my will
But I won't back down
I won't give you that thrill
I won't give in to your threats
To keep me silent, because my friend
It is the silence that kills

Broken strings and faded guitars
Will never silence the screams
Of an undying heart
I will bleed for this freedom
I will breathe for this kingdom
You speak and you spray (your hate)
It doesn't matter what you say
We'll never go away

This is forever, This is eternal
Beyond there lies the truth you deny
But I will hold on because
I love this more that you hate me
More than you hate Him
Cut out my tongue and I'll never stop writing
About this love (His love)

The Silence is what kills
But the truth shall set you free
Love truth...
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The Silence Is What Kills Lyrics

Blessed By Falling – The Silence Is What Kills Lyrics

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