Verse 1:
White tank top, flip-flops, cut-off jeans (cut off jeans)
Been chillin’ and grillin’ out on the beach (on the beach)
Margarita in your hand, your feet in the sand, laid back gettin’ a tan

Bring on the sunshine, a good time. Open up a beer and a bottle of wine
Load up the truck, girl, throw out a line

Jump on in, the water’s fine

Bring on the sunshine

Verse 2:
Skinny dippin’, frog giggin’ out on the shore (on the shore)
She’s swimmin’, he’s fishin’ for a little bit more (whistle)
Beer sippin’, here dippin’ up and down with the role of the waves

Chorus (2x)

Mmm lookin’ at you, with your eyes so blue
Your bikini top off on my inner tube


Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on

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Bring On The Sunshine Lyrics

Blaise Streets – Bring On The Sunshine Lyrics

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