I think the world revolves around my head
And I keep it in the palm of my hand
Not a world of hate but instead
Where peace walks around us
Where hate is noexistent
But I have never heard such
Bullshit in your confidence
I'm returning to society
This dreams gone on way to far
Be returning to society
For that's where we are
There may be hate
May be suicide
But your world is fake
That you can't deny
I'm blocking out the hatred
I'm resisting the wrong
But my whole world is fake and
I've dreamt it oh so long
Can't deny the hate
Can't deny the hate
Can't deny the hate
Can't deny it anymore
(There's nothing it's good for!)
I'm returning to society
And I'm gonna have face reality
I'm returning to society
So I'm face reality
Face reality
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Returning To Society Lyrics

Blade – Returning To Society Lyrics