Who should decide about our falling? Cause this time we're both upset and you've underlined all the questions related because you want more. I've worked hard (apart from this) but where should I begin cause even though these shadows have their gifts, it just makes more shadows. Can you see it getting clear? I'm alarmed and starving here (or "I'm alive, he's got red hair! Which ever you prefer). In eyes, the hours turn to days and we can't seem to change our time is weighted. Direction pounds inside my eyes. The time that we had is gone, the days have fallen short, and rain will wash away the things that I can't erase. Which one stays strong? Which one fell wrong? Which one saves face? Which one has faith?
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I Don't Do Well In Social Situations Lyrics

Blacktop Cadence – I Don't Do Well In Social Situations Lyrics

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